Friday, 30 April 2010

Please forgive me




I'm turning crazy




'Cuz there's no water in the hostel... Three days straight




Luckily the allowance is out [Seriously?]

Monday, 26 April 2010

Menggatal jer...

Saja-saja gatal tangan... hahah...

Nama orang di atas: Nana
Nama rasmi: Mak Cik [high pitch... hahah]


Mei Ling aaa~~~

Mus Sum

Bernie Cutie... gyahahah ^^

Bakal pengetua SMK Bario (kalo ade), Syed Noor Yazeed

Hamy Azuar

Wanie and Jerry

Gracie Ervita, KO kelas SR1...

My Twin, Auzellea Kristin [Yeah, her name's mouthful... hahah]


Audrey Shalini, [Kenyah + Indian] x [Plays guitar + Sings superbly]

So, why suddenly I post this pics?
Kan dah cakap...
Gatal Tangan...

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Saja-saja nak letak... hahahah... [lantak la... blog aku... XD]

Anyway, we all had fun during our TESL Camp
I really really hope we can do things like this again in the near future.
Not just to have fun, but also to gain knowledge
and to make our relationship even better and stronger than ever...

♥?... ♥... ♥!

Life is always fun...
TESLians Rawk~!

The first time we watched Mount Kinabalu... TTvTT

Pics and more pics

In front of Mount Kinabalu
(Me, Langgo, Bpuveen, Dora, Jaceyy, Bernie)

We are TESLians... Guess what?
We made it to Mount Kinabalu
(At least the foot of it...)

In the bus going to Ranau
(Me, at the back... Clare, the semi-visible one, Jerry at the back,
Candice the blue girl, Valerine the purple girl, and Mr Alvin with Ms Eva)

Friday, 23 April 2010

Supercalifragilistic Expialidociously Awesome [Continued]

So, I had told you about our first two days of the TESL Camp. Now, lets continue on with the happenings in the third and the last day of it.

Day 3

This day began with the usual breakfast. Unlike the first day, though, the events were not conducted in the hall. Instead, we did it at block E. This day was a bit special since our group were the conductors for the Storytelling session. Jace and I were the MCs for the event [for those who are wondering WTH is MC... It stands for 'Master of Ceremony']. Our session required each group to send two contestants to tell us a story. Before they began, they chose a set of cards. The card set contained 10 papers with each of them containing words such as

Taylor Swift
Nasi beriyani
Bowl Cancer... bowl cancer?

Well, just 'bout anything we could think of. While reading their story, the cards will be flashed out one at a time and they must insert the word on the cards into their story.

Among the sentences that I remember are:

Akmar: My sugar...
Magdalini: DOTA stands for Dunia Orang Tanpa Awek (OUCH! Hahah)
Vily: [Scream... (Okay, that's technically not a sentence)]
Raihan: Become a toilet model

Hahah... Would love to do this with my future students...

Next in our itinerary was the Choral Speaking practice and.....................................................
Lets just keep it that way

Later that evening, we had


The games were Taboo, Yes or No, Connecting sentences, Hangman, and No Words Allowed [Some names are my creation because I don't know the real one]
It was so fun and great. Thanks group 4 for being such a great organiser.

And of course the highlight of the third day was the TALENT-TIME~!!!

[Clap clap clap]

Each group presented a skit based on the theme that they got. My AWESOME group? Our theme is COMEDY [Aside: Skit IS a comedy] and the prop that we required was NEWSPAPER.
Jace acted as the paper's reader and she told it to the audience. After that, there will be scenes of that newspaper extract on the stage. The scenes were:

LOCAL: The founding of a corpse by a sweeper
INTERNATONAL: More Malaysians are getting their gender reversed in Thailand (OMG, Bernie looks so sexy wearing that dress... Hahahah)
SPORTS: Football fever (Penampang in South Africa? Is this real? What the ****)
ENTERTAINMENT: KRU and Wonder Girls cooperated together

The favourite skit of mine is the one by the Unbreakable group (They won actually). Zombies of Oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo... Caught in a Bad Romance... Rara ah ah ahh, roma roma ma... ga ga oo la lah... Want your bad romance... [You go guys~!]

Besides the skit, there was a talent show, mind ya'. The greatest performance of the night goes to

[If I was in my sit during that performance, I would give her a standing ovation, ya' know?]


OMG, this girl is truly amazing~! I dunno she can play guitar and sings wonderfully.

Other performances were amazing too.

And that's for day 3.

Day 4 [the last day]

Day 4 is the closing ceremony day. of course my group needed to practice our choral speaking practice. Sorry guys is I disappointed all of you. I am terribly sorry. Nevertheless, except for the slightly mistimed beginning, all went pretty well... Thanx to all of you. After the choral speakings, of course came in the speeches.

Syed Noor Yazeed's speeches was unique. He used a computer to read it. Miss Eva who sat in front of me said that we are truly a paperless generation... Hahahah...
I like the part when he said, The teacher trainees of IPG Gaya are a
multi-purpose product
XD... I could not write it myself... Gwahaha.

To top it off, Zell also prepared a slideshow of our activities during the camp. Nice, Twin!

So, our ZERO BUDGET TESL Camp ended with a truly magnificent way. I hope we can do it again... God knows.

Till the next time, guys...

Chiao and have a pleasant weekend!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Supercalifragilistic Expialidociously Awesome

The TESL Camp is here... Woohooo...
Can you imagined it? Hahahah...
Weoowww... Gagaga... Lolololo... [hyperactivity]

So, I don't want to give too much intro... Let's just skip to the content...

Day 1

Our first day began with the breakfast in the hall's 'anjung' (Ramai-ramai beb... Hohoh) followed by some bla...bla...bla from Mr Bala... Gahahah. Our first activity was Ice Breaking conducted by Group 1, with the help of Miss Eva, Mr. Harold, and Mr. Alvin. We made our group logo, name, and cheers during this session. Our group's AWESOME IS OUR NAME a.k.a. AWESOME. Our cheers is TESL is Supercalifragilistic Expialidociously Awesome. Nice, right? XD... The next activity in Ice breaking was the bomb game... That was fun because it was fun to say

Awesome bomb, awesome bomb, awesome bomb to *********** bomb (*********** being the name of other groups)

Then came the forum... Seriously, forum is always, and I mean always ZZZZZZZZ... (Sorry to the participants)... Nevertheless, Mirah.... your speech... Hahah.

Next was the most exhausting but fun-nest session of the day, Treasure Hunt... Woohoooo... All the Awesomeness scrambled around the college searching for the stations... The stations were:

1: Poem Extract
2. New Lyrics for Old Song (Paparazzi of Lady Gaga infused with Weekend Activities theme... [So much, so much, so much...])
3. Home-made Twister (4 marks? WTH?)
4.Idiom Taboo
5. Fill In the Blanks
6. Arrange the pics

Yeah... It was fun... Hahah

That night, we got Skits Practice. Our group has to create a skits on the theme of comedy (isn't skit's a comedy?) with the obligation of using NEWSPAPERS as our prop... Heheh... The headline news was created... Nyeheheh... Fom the local, international, sports, and entertainment news... XD
Just wait for it...

Now, movin' on...

Day 2

Among the best day of my life... We had a trip to...


Well, to begin with, we started our 2 hour++ journey with buses at 5.40 in the morning. First three groups in an express bus, while group 4, 5 (my group), and 6 on the Sepanggar... Sepanggar... bus (You'll know what it is when you come here)... Accompanying us on the trip were Mr. Alvin, Mr. Harold, and Miss Eva. The bus in nice and air-conditioned. Heheh. To tell you one thing, the road is like ular kena palu. We turned right and left, left and right. Plus, all the time, we were climbing it, that is the road was getting higher and higher than the sea level.The sceneries? Five stars. The valleys are surrounded by lush vegetations on the mountains. Fogs and mist everywhere. We could see Mount Kinabalu throughout our journey, the main feast of our eyes. We even stopped to take pics. How high is the mount? Well, you can't imagine. It's too, too high. Even from afar. XD

Our first destination is for our school visit, SK Batu 2, Ranau. The school is in the outskirts of Ranau Township. It was not big, really. One main building that consists of the classes and the administration offices. There, I experienced what it's like to be called a 'teacher' for the first time. It felt great... TTvTT... (Here, I want to apologize to my groupmates because of some... ermmm... 'slack' that I did during the school visit... So SOREEEE). Plus, I now know that I still need to learn on how to be like a teacher... I hope I will do that, sooner or later (better NOW!). Before moving on, we had our lunch at Ranau Township.

After the school visit ends, all of us went to the Kundasang War Memorial. It was a very soothing and tranquil place. the atmosphere was calm and quiet. A reminder of the hardships and bravery of the Australian, British, and New Zealanders soldiers [Aside: Don't say I'm a Western-minded jerk] who fought the Japanese. They were the Prisoners of War (POW) who was involved in the 260km Sandakan Death March during WWII. The names of the persons who died were engraved in the black granite, from boys as young as 19 to perhaps a father of 40. This place is a sanctuary of souls. I like the main wording that echoes throughout the memorial,
Lest We Forget.

Our trip continued and guess what? It's Kinabalu Park~! I would never imagined that I had just stepped my feet on the foot of the majestic Mount Kinabalu. For me, that was good enough (for now, that is). With my friends, we went for a walk through the Silau-silau trail. Surrounded by the forest, the air, OMG, was so cool and refreshing. Some more pics and then we went back to IPG.
Of course la, before that, some souvenirs. Our bus stopped at Pekan Nabalu and there, I bought... well... a cap... Hahah... but, okay what? It's a remembrance of my visit.

Overall, this trip is the most memorable trip in my life. I will remember it for the rest of my life for it was the first time I was called TEACHER

Saturday, 17 April 2010

TESL Campomaniacs...

Yaayyy...! Next week is our TESL Camp... Can't wait for it. Why? A lot of things.

Let's begin with today. So, this morning, we had a meeting (briefing is much better, though it was for 2 hours... and it began at 7.45) for this Camp... Each group had been given the activities that they need to do during the camp. My group was initially supposed to be the coordinator for public speaking, but after some considerations, it was changed to Storytelling... Weow... need to meet Mr. Lourdes as fast as we can now... Nyeheheh...

The highlight for our meeting (not the Camp) is the fact that we are going to do a school visit in... guess where... KUNDASANG... yeah... KUNDASANG, babehh... Woohooohoooo~!

Of course, it comes with responsibilities... Yalah... we are teacher trainee wat? Hoho... we need to create some activities for the pupils of standard 4 and 5 in SK Kundasang. Maybe some word games? Who knows? Hehe... After the school, comes the fun part (though I would not doubt that being with the pupils is fun too~!). The War Memorial and Rose Garden beckon us... Gahaha... Plus, if all goes well, I hope I could see...

MOUNT KINABALU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Surely, it is far from our real destination, but it's okay... Even seeing that mount is enough joy to me... I have never imagine that this will come true... TvT...

Other than that, Choral Speaking~!... My group which consists of Bernard, Stiffi, Audrey, Amirah, Jacinta, Kyry, Shakinah, Momoyy and yours truly will or rather had teamed up with group 6 to so our Choral Speaking presentation... It's a fun stuff... Nyeheheh...

Okay... That's all for now, Guys~!

Arrivederci, Amici

Friday, 16 April 2010

As it rains...

Officially, this week (even though it does not end yet) is the most HECTIC and the STRESSFUL week in my life... ever. Much greater than, say, during the SPM... One month of SPM is not equal to the capacity of this week. XD

Why? I'm the runner (that's penyelaras) for MQA in my class and one thing came after another... I don't think I want to tell it here, though... Hahaha...

Well, somehow, I think it's a good thing. Well, since I was not active during my schoolyears, all this ACTIVE THINGS and TASKS that require me to hold positions (Secretary for TESL CAMP, Runner for MQA, Macbeth in the play... Many things will follow, that's for sure... X3) came and engulfed me [metaphorically]... Hahah... I'll accept it as a challenge... You betcha!~ Lets just say I will do all this tasks with all my might...

To add more, it's raining [while I'm writing this post]. My stress is wash away as the way a leaf carried by rainwater [that's so... WEIRD]...

To anyone who was involved directly and indirectly when I showed my bad side (bad, kah?) this avro (Australian for afternoon), I'm so sorry. That's not my usual self... TT^TT...

See? I'm stress.... Gagaga...

Not to worry though... Lets begin a new day with a new spirit...

雨 is here, KK~

Monday, 12 April 2010

Tension + Stress = MQA x [Macbeth - TESL Camp]

APRIL comes from the word 'aperire', meaning 'open' in Latin, if I'm not mistaken.

And now, April has truly open up our eyes to what its like becoming a TESLian in Gaya...

With a lot of 'L's there... Yup... I'm terribly stressed now...

I am the secretary for the TESL Camp, which I gladly accepted since it will be a new xp for me.
Macbeth... I am the Macbeth and that's quite stressful, with all those scripts, emotions, costumes, and others...

The thing that makes me real stressed now is...


They are going to check our files this Friday... Can you imagine it? This Friday...



That's all...

I am overstressed now... someone, I need CHOCOLATE~!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Birthday, Jp, Cheesecake, Yazeed (huh?)

Today is the eleventh of April of the year two thousand and ten (easy said 11/4/2010 la) and it is a very wonderful day for one guy for kami geng tesl sm men... Who? Why?

The who is Syed Noor Yazeed... The why is because today is his birthday... ^^

So, yesterday Aina told me that we were to celebrate the birthday boy's... errr... birthday at the most happening place [aside: the definition of happening for Afiq is different] that we know in KK... Jesselton Point, or known to as us JP.

The girls, especially, did not bother (layan la tuh) Syed [aside: to think again, is it me the only one who called him 'Syed'?] today... Kesian... Kahkahkah... Dah la makan maggi je hari ni... Hahah... then again, we should not let the cat out of the bag, kan? Next, in 4.45 pm, after waiting for Aina, Raihan, Amirah, and Zell for a quarter of an hour (hahaha), we went to Wawasan Terminal and then made our way to JP. There, all other classmates (almost) had arrived. Aina made a prank to Syed saying her bag was missing. Gahaha. Tak bleh bayang cam mana perasaan die masa tu... Huhu... So, he and Akmar went to JP. And...

(nak kisah ape ade orang ramai... hahah)

We (well, Aina actually) made a video of him... and yeap, Yazeed... There are more than ten reason why we loved him... TTvTT...

With the cake sponsored by Rachel, that night was a wonderful night... Huhu...

Nanti kite wat lagi ek? Hahah...

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Money Matters the Most...

" Money is anything that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts. The main functions of money are distinguished as: a medium of exchange, a unit of account, a store of value, and occasionally, a standard of deferred payment. "

That is the definition of money according to Wikipedia. Gahaha... Money always matters in our student life, isn't it? Tell me about it... All Gayarians will be very, very panic if our allowances are not available in our account three days after the first day of each month (unfortunately, that includes me... T^T).

So sick of asking extra money from my parents... Gaaahhhhhh! So sad, huh?

Budget, budget, budget... Can we do it? Yes, we can... (I hope... Hahah...)

[Weooow... My wallet's full... Let's go buy a lot of chocs, watch movies, bla3x]

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Popcorn n' Movie 3

Hola again, amigos... Now for the next self-made movie review... A highly-packed action movie for your entertainment...


Perseus, the son of Zeus is on the quest to destroy Hades, who killed his family. In his journey, he is also given the responsibility to save Argos, a Greek city for being destroyed by Kraken, Hades' creation... The reason? Well, the human are becoming sick of their gods and started to disobey them. The gods? Zeus, especially, wanted the human to love him back as before and succumbed to the plot of Hades, which he proposed for a different reason. What d'ya expect? They're Greek gods... They're idiots, mind ya'.

WHAT'S HOT - As an action picture, you can expect a lot of, well, action and CG animation, not to mention some humour and a bit of romance, but trust me, it's not that kind of romance. The story is somewhat nice... You can really enjoy it though if you watched Percy Jackson, you can help but noticed some similarities in it. Heck, they're both on the same thing, Greek myth. Sam Worthington as Perseus, I like him... Plus, an added bonus is Io, his companion... Heheh. Still, action movie is not my cup of tea.

WHAT'S NOT - Maybe some of you want a bit more action... Overall, it's a good watch.


Physically Arghhhh~ (It's not what you think)

Physical Education... This subject is my Achilles' heel... I was not born to do this, yet a bit (or should I say a lot) of it can sometimes be fun too...

Well, that's what I experienced today, doing PE. Luckily PE in maktab does not mean we're having football all the time... Hahah...

Let's see,


(ONE MORE THING - ALLOWANCE!!! When will we get you? Arghhh!)