Sunday, 31 March 2013

March Blues

Hello there.

I know it's been a long time. I am feeling entirely unproductive this entire month, really unproductive, and it's not a good thing. I think my brain hasn't kicked its gear 10 yet, but I've made a resolution to do what I am supposed to do as soon as I get the tasks. Trust me when I say there are a lot of work waiting for me now. I'm currently preoccupied with my Creative Writing essays and prose. Haha. I love the course!

Oh yeah, I pledge to finish my second Benjamin Alire Sáenz's novel by the end of this week! Hoooozah!

Oh well, that's all folks!

Friday, 15 March 2013

To All the Boys Who Cry

To all the boys who cry
who paint invisible scars
whose souls burn mercilessly
whose hearts and heads
collided and days are as dark
as a starless night
who walk into a maze and wander
without an aim
who wrap themselves tightly
with a blanket hoping
to be saved from madness
the world seems to contain
who drown in deep fear
who fly in unforgiving storm
who still search for the light
who believe in doubt
who doubt when they are
whose lives are twirling tones
of mistakes
who run and hide
amongst the thorns
pain is what makes them
who want to be loved
who love but are not loved
who yell and scream
but only silence comes out
who are silent
but yearning to break free
who look in the mirror
wanting to be in different skins
who listen to the raindrops
who watch the sunrise
two things so beautiful
to all the boys who cry

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Do I Really Want to Run Away from You?

Do I really want to run away from you? The eyes, the lips, the voice, the touch - they make me freefall to you, and I’m in this hypothetical junction: I should not have this feeling, but I can’t help it. I want to escape from you, but each day passes with me still remembering your face, as it has been etched so deep in my mind. I inadvertently curate every inch of your skin, every syllable of your words, keep them somewhere in my head. I should let it burn, burning so intense that I forget about what I really feel to you right now.

Do I really want to run away from you? I have left so many things unsaid, and now they are turning to infestations. I wonder what kind of effects my words will have to you. Will they change to even damaging diseases? I long to let them out, I long to say them to you, but you are behind an invisible barrier that turns a solid me into thin air, always there but I’m nowhere to be seen.

Do I really want to run away from you? I’ve dedicated my whole heart to you, but all I get is a destroyed, confused soul. My whole heart, my whole heart that I want to cut right out of my chest, and cleanse it from the very essence of you. I want the blood to just be mine. I don’t want them to resonate with your name.

Do I really want to run away from you?

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

A book has a power to move a person’s heart. Once in a while, you’ll meet this kind of read. For me, the book is known as Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by the writer-poet, Benjamin Alire Sáenz. The book is a cosmos by itself. It is such a beautiful book, that you long to reread once you reach the final word.

This coming-of-age story tells about a Mexican-American boy known as Aristotle a.k.a. Ari. Ari is all alone and angry. He thinks life has been so unfair to him and he is being shaped by rules created by others, especially his parents [though he really loves them actually] who seem to keep so many things from him. Ari’s life changes as soon as he meets Dante, a whimsical, kind-hearted, carefree, art-loving boy who, like Ari, is also a loner. Fate has chosen to get these two seemingly different boys together, and from their friendship, they learn to discover and accept their true selves.

I can’t start my review without touching on its cover. Yeah, its cover! Methinks it’s one of the most gorgeous looking novel covers out there. I really love it, with all the graphics and the red truck [which plays a big role in the story].

The story itself is so astounding, moving, beating like heartbeats. Every sentence in the book is simple, but in that simplicity, you will never miss the kind of language that a poem contains. I really love how Sáenz wrote his book. Each chapter, even if it’s as long as 13 pages, or as short as a single paragraph, is a melodious song. I really, really love the prose.

The heart of the novel lies within the titular characters, Aristotle and Dante. They are so honest, so lovely, so damaged, so vulnerable, so real, that they tug my heart like a real person will. I know somehow it does not make sense, but yes, they do. I guess I feel that way because maybe I think that the characters are a kind of an extension of my real life. I love both Ari and Dante. And I love their parents too, Mr and Mrs Mendoza and Mr and Mrs Quintana. Oh yeah, Legs included [that’s Ari’s loveable dog].

This novel shines like the brightest star in a night sky. It makes you wonder, it makes your soul alive. It’s a universe in the form of words.

Friday, 8 March 2013


LITTLE ME, circa 1996
I totally love that overalls!


I have this rather thick book in which I sketch stuff. Well, I don’t actually sketch that well, so sometimes, I need the real thing or a photo of the thing that I want to draw, but hey, it’s good to make your brain more creative. I love being CREATIVE! Plus, sketching is one way to vent out your inner feelings too. Here are some of my sketches.