Friday, 15 March 2013

To All the Boys Who Cry

To all the boys who cry
who paint invisible scars
whose souls burn mercilessly
whose hearts and heads
collided and days are as dark
as a starless night
who walk into a maze and wander
without an aim
who wrap themselves tightly
with a blanket hoping
to be saved from madness
the world seems to contain
who drown in deep fear
who fly in unforgiving storm
who still search for the light
who believe in doubt
who doubt when they are
whose lives are twirling tones
of mistakes
who run and hide
amongst the thorns
pain is what makes them
who want to be loved
who love but are not loved
who yell and scream
but only silence comes out
who are silent
but yearning to break free
who look in the mirror
wanting to be in different skins
who listen to the raindrops
who watch the sunrise
two things so beautiful
to all the boys who cry

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