Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Other Side of Down

David Archuleta's third album:

uʍop ɟo ǝpıs ɹǝɥʇo ǝɥʇ

I just the cover...
Simple and artsy
Cute, genuine smile
Mature yet youthful looks
Rocking the chair playfully
and oh...
the BOOTS!

IT ROCKS TO THE MAX! I was expecting it to be great, but it turns out to be


TOSOD mainly deals with our life, like what Archie said:

“For me, it’s about moving forward and making progress. I’m heading towards ‘the other side of down,’ which is ‘up’."

You can find any track in the album that you could relate your life to, be it about knowing that you will lose your love ones, or clinging to your last hope in harsh times, or waiting for that one perfect person, or hoping for the arrival of good things. All of them are real good.

Unlike the first album, there are more upbeat, energetic, pop rock tracks in TOSOD, and I just could tap my feet all day long listening to all of them. David’s voice is angelic, stellar, and original. The lyrics are metaphorically nice and really genuine.

I really like the fact that the album has an all-around David-ness. You can just feel it. The album is a piece of David that you can have [allegorical talk? LOL].

The track list is here, many of them are co-penned by David himself:

1. The Other Side Of Down (3:13)

2. Something ‘Bout Love (4:22)

3. Elevator (3:24) Quirky, fun song.

4. Stomping the Roses (3:01) I like the song. It’s upbeat, strong, and energetic!

5. Who I Am (3:44)

6. Falling Stars (3:35) David sounds different here. It’s one of the mature cuts in the album.

7. Parachutes and Airplanes (3:33) This song is synth-laden, with a bit of piano sound.

8. Look Around (3:26)

9. Good Place (3:25)

10. Complain (3:24)

11. Things Are Gonna Get Better (3:14)

12. My Kind Of Perfect (3:37) Quite an instrumental song, David’s mellow voice fits the piano very well.

David is certainly [quite] mature in this album. This album showed his great effort in discovering various styles of music and song writing.

♥ his music!

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