Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Pesta Tanglung 2010

Just now, there was a great event held in IPGK Gaya’s hall:


a.k.a. Lantern Festival

What a great event, very nice, and the performances were all awesome~!

Here’re some pics~!

Bernard as the Sun, yeah, SUN, not son...
Me and GoGo, wearing our class T-shirt!
Photo after the event... Gracie, you are white~! LOL
Look, almost all of us wore our class T-shirt!
With Jennie Tie, she also performed, dancing the Tea Picking Dance
With Siew Hwa and Vivienne
TESLians Tea Pickers~!
The great MC of that night, Shuang Shuang
Wo pu che tao, Vivienne~!
Ethan Hiew Yi Chan~! He acted on stage as Hou Yi~!

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