Tuesday, 3 August 2010

MUET Fever?

Let us start this month with something UNTHINKABLE!

MUET... and we may not even take it this year... Huhuh...
[but I'm hoping we'll take it this year... Huhuh]

Scared? We should be... but we should not let it control us... [thanks to Dr. Goh!]

Guess, we'll need to rev up our English skills!


2 hecks:

TESLians 2009 said...

I have the thought that we need to take our MUET in Sem 3 since we were in Sem 1..
then I heard that we don't have to take it and suddenly we have to..
Its shocking, but I do agree with u Afiq..

Afiq said...

yup... that's why... if we don't take it this year, we still have to do it in the next sem... huhu