Wednesday, 30 June 2010



I'm lying on my bed,
being alone in my room.
The country's guitar playing on the radio.
It was past nine o'clock,
and the moon won't shine.

I am thinking this:
if I never see your face before,
would I know your heart?
Yet, how did you tempted me,
with the first meeting,
by the college door?

As long as you're here,
I will be too.
Nervous when talking to you, I was,
but, I could see, we are just as perfect as together.
In the raining sunlight,
the shade of trees won't hide your rays.

I'll send you a long letter,
reply it with your heart.
And tell me your verdict,
as I wait for you tomorrow.

You don't make me come alive,
you just give me another reason for my existence.
Maybe we're young to understand,
or maybe, fate and will had just crossed their path.

As I get bigger,
wonder if you'll be there.
I'm not being selfish,
all I know, I think you see me with the same feeling

As long as I'm here,
You'll be in my heart.
Write back with your pen,
and tell me if you want or you don't
I will not stay for you, if you never want to.

Tell me
It's all as long as I'm here.
As long as the country guitar's still sounding on the radio.

Mak aih, jiwang la plak~! Hahah...
[Disclaimer: tiada kaitan dgn diri aku... Heheh]

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