Saturday, 19 June 2010

Pain grillé Français

The breakfast for this morning is the ever humble Pain grillé Français a.k.a. French toast. Yummy...
So, Mesdames et messieurs, this is the [not-so-comprehensive] recipe on how to make it... Nyeheheh

Ingrédients / Ingredients:
Pain / Bread
Oeufs / Eggs
Assaisonnements / Flavourings
Beurre / Butter
1. Brake two eggs and put them in a bowl
2. Mix them with an egg beater
3. Put some flavourings
4. Beat them thoroughly
5. Dip the bread in the mixture
6. In a pan, melt some butter for frying
7. Fry the bread on both sides
8. Et Voila, your french toast is done, so what else but to munch it... Hahaha


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