Saturday, 18 June 2011

Stories Always Depart and Arrive Here

Airport seems to be a great place, right? In that boredom, you can see everything. It is always abuzz with activity - people going here and there, in all shapes and sizes, all nationalities, all emotions, every single face has a story to tell.

You just can watch their faces and imagine the reasons that bring them to the place. Are they alone, or maybe with love ones? Perhaps they’re on a happy trip to the destination that they have always wanted to go. On the other end of the spectrum, they may be flying for a not so joyful of a reason – last respect? This girl, her dream is waiting at her final destination. This boy comes back to celebrate his victory.

Airport is where people meet and talk. You can hear a guy speaking through the phone in Vietnamese, or most likely see a group of friends and workers from South Asia. Perhaps some Aussie surfer dudes, of hippie-ish Americans. In a corner there is this Middle East man wearing casual clothes while his wife is donning her traditional attire. You watch the things they wear. You watch the things they own. Are those heels six inches? Nine? That shoes rock! The t-shirt is great! Neat phone! Oh, I want that trousers. His hair is pretty colourful.

You walk past a short plump man, and then see an African woman. She’s pretty in her own way. That’s undeniable. In front of you is this super-tall White guy with his petite significant other. Beside you is a father with his adorable young traveller, the child jumping all around while dragging his bag. You just smile. You sit next to a mother comforting her child, a daddy giving advices to her daughter, friends who are flying together for the first time laughing and chatting. In front of you, elderly couple hold hands. They worked hard, now is their time to go for an adventure.

Then your own time to depart comes, so you just get yourself to the departure hall, and after a while, put your feet on the plane. A journey is starting. In the airport, all faces have their own stories to tell. You have one too, and yes… a simple thing can have a real meaning to someone else.

2 hecks:

Ibrahim Ismail said...

I start to write your writing more and more each post. Keep it personal this way. What do you mean by 'neat phone', anyway?

Afiq said...

I took quite a while figuring out the first sentence. Hahahah.

I guess I was actually talking about an awesome, great mobile phone? Nyeheheh~!