Monday, 27 June 2011

Thieves Like Us

The risk of being in love: one steals a heart, keep it for a long time, forget about it, and then all he knows is to break them apart in pieces.

Wrong words put people in a vegetative state, well, at least for a while until they found a new strength to move on. Still, when the wrongdoer sees the girl whose heart he broke, will he look at her with the eyes of a friend, or look at her as the victim of his offence? Fear lurks, the past comes to haunt.

If he knows that he’s wrong, and asks for forgiveness from her, must that rare second chance be given? When one’s heart is broken, will it fit back to the same perfection? If he asks for a second possibility of walking through time together with her, must that second bond be forged? When the first one tore apart, will the next opportunity put the heart back where it belongs too?

A heart is a treasure too valuable. Will the thief repent and abstain himself from repeating the same mistake again?

3 hecks:

Barbara said...

Women's hearts are not to be tampered. Seriously.

Are you like in love or something? =P

Ibrahim Ismail said...

Let's skip the figurative part shall we? Now let's have an adult conversation. HAHA

Afiq said...

Barb: 've Seen that quite enough all around me. Hahaha~

Im: Adult conversation? You're not even here... Hahaha~

...and both of you, 'am not in love~ Hahaha