Monday, 11 June 2012


Went to Putra World Trade Centre [PWTC] today! The reason:



I am not actually an avid Anime follower, but I love Japanese culture, and since Anime is a part of Japanese culture, so yeah... I gotta go there!!! The festival was the satellite event of the main AFA held annually in Singapore. Malaysia was the first country to hold this event, and for me, it was KAKKOII!!! There were lots and lots of stuff to be seen: I wanna buy some anime T-shirts, but alas, I forced myself from buying them as they cost RM100++… *sigh*. I wanna buy Jpop CDs, but… err…~ Also, an abundance of cosplayers!!!

Anyway, my tix was 30MYR, and with that, I had the chance to watch cosplayers battle it out for the Malaysia Preliminary of Southeast Asia Regional Cosplay Championship. Now I know how cosplayers do their thang’!!! Really, I wish I could wear their costumes!!! T3T

Before that, there was a guest, an important person from I.G. Production, one of Japan’s premier anime film production companies who gave an interview and showed trailers of his movies. The ones that I managed to watch were Toshokan Sensou [Library War], 009 – Re:Cyborg, Momo no Tegami, and Blood-G. Amazing, only that Malaysian cinemas may not show them… DARN!!! Double the T3T.
What a great time I had there!!! Wish I could go to Singapore for AFA’12… but still, SUKI DESU!!!

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