Friday, 22 July 2011

The Other Side of Down: Asian Tour Edition

Disclaimer: this post may contain too many Archudorable Archugoodness. Read with discretion. Thanks.

David Archuleta is my favourite artist! So, it’s a great thing for me to discover that Sony Music Asia had just released the repackaged version of his previous album, The Other Side of Down. This repackaged album is known as:


The Other Side Of Down

It contains all songs from TOSOD plus five bonus songs, a DVD-Video containing three MVs his first album, David Archuleta, and one from TOSOD, and lyrics booklet that has magnificent photos of him!. The bonus tracks are Zero Gravity [his unreleased single] and four new songs. All four new tracks inside the album are my new jam! They’re that Archumazing!!!


The Other Side of Down
Something ‘Bout Love
Stomping the Roses
Who I Am
Falling Stars
Parachutes and Airplanes
Look Around
Good Place
This are Gonna Get Better
My Kind of Perfect
Zero Gravity
Love don’t Hate
Everything & More
Notice Me


A Little Too Not Over You
Touch My Hand
Something ‘Bout Love

TOSOD: ATE is really, totally Archusome and I really, totally, absolutely love the album from track one until MV four~!

Told ya’ to read with discretion! Hahaha

3 hecks:

Barbara said...

It's available in stores already?

Nadirah Jannah said...

A true fan indeed... Hehe...

Afiq said...

Barb: Yeap! Get it in your nearest store~! Heheheh~

Um: Hahaha ^^ Totally