Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Like a Boss

So, love is a complicated thing, but so many people still say that being single is not so great! What’s not great about being single? Yes, having someone who cares for you is good, fun and what-ever, but yeah… Riding solo does has its benefits!

Honey, you have money. Buy me this???:

You can spend your money on yourselves. I love to eat, and I think I’ll spend my money on eating in restaurants. Sushi King? Check! No need to buy something kawaii or beautiful [or… for that matter, pricey…] stuff for your partner. You can buy things for your own enjoyment. You know how men are the ones who always treat the girl? Seriously, it’s fine if it’s done once in a while, but to do it every single time you go out with your girl? Dude, get a life… don’t you want to buy something too? More important, don’t you want her to treat you too? Besides, you are way far from being married.

Going out with who?:

Your friends ask you to go out, and so does your BF/GF [mostly, it’s GF…]. So, you’re torn between your friends and your GF. If she’s a GOOD and UNDERSTANDING, then she’ll know that you need some life with your friends. Unfortunately, some are not. They turn grumpy and mad. What’s worse, those obsessive GFs/BFs might even get jealous for no reason, and tell you to stay away from your girl friends/guy friends that they don’t find compatible with them, not you. So, what I’m saying here is… you need to have a life. Enjoy your single life! Have fun! There’s plenty of time for love later.

SMSes for the 100th time:

Communication is indeed important, but when you’re living with a roommate [not me…] whose phone rings for like every one hour or so [just for example], you can’t stand it, can you? It’s annoying. It’s even annoying if the questions that s/he asks are plain, same-old, same-old things like “tengah wat pe?”, “abang makan pe?”, “dengan perempuan mana abang kuar semalam?”, and when you’re not answering, yeah, s/he’ll be irritated! Come on being single does not entitle you to these things. You save money as well!

I’m free!:

You can do anything that you want to do without being restricted to your partner. You can go to warung mamak and eat roti canai instead of high-end mock English Restaurant that serves hi-tea! You can watch Transformers and not Romantic movies! You can act flirty with anyone [NOT RECOMMENDED]. You can even dress like whatever you want to. Selekeh? No hal~ Long hair? You don’t have to cut it. In other words, you can actually be yourselves… ngiahuahahah~

OK… of course these are just my views on being single. Yeah, I know… having GF/BF is also good, OK!!!

[But you can act LIKE A BOSS when you’re single… hiahahaha]

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Joyce Joel said...

yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! freedom! :)

Nadirah Jannah said...

I'm so agree with the last statement! YES! [somehow I still want to experience being in relationship again...] :3

Barbara said...

I'm certainly annoyed if my guy didn't pick up my calls. Haha. Call it obsession or whatever you want, but that damned feeling of being ignored that way is infuriating.

First hand experience, I don't let my boyfriend to pay for my food. I PAY for myself and the same goes to him. Unless that day, one of us feel charitable to actually give a treat. I do enjoy SMS-ing every now and then. Mostly at night since we're both so busy in the day.

I eat at warung mamak okay! =P Did I defeat your post already? Hehe.

Afiq said...

Joyce: Hahaha... freedom~!

Um: Like a Boss. Just wait, it'll come soon. Who knows?

Barb: Hahaha... Not really. Of course, some [OK... a lot] girls are okay and will be fair and good like you in their relationships. Ngiahahaha.... Am not saying all girls are bad. Wahahaha...

ZeLL~LeaH said...


Afiq said...

Agreeeeee~! Hahaha

FarhaNezam said...

Being single does not mean that u are lonely and being in a relationship does not mean that u are happy = D

Afiq said...

Hahaha~ Exactly! ^^ It depends on your perceptions and the way you manage your life~