Tuesday, 5 July 2011

All Around You


What’s the use of having so many people all around you when you only rely and depend on the same guys for anything over and over again? Don’t you get bored watching and working with the same faces for like… the 200th times for your tasks? Yes, they’re your friends and you love them and you have known all of them well enough, but I’m sure some changes in perspectives, ideas, and thinking are beneficial and will greatly influence your education and class relations in a good way.

Besides, it’ll promote tolerance and harmony among the class’ members. The last thing people want to see is somebody being treated as a punching bag because of a person’s rage. Let’s face it, you have your cliques and stuff, but think about the others too. People will get bored [so do you in a long run] watching the same thing again and again.

Changes [and some votes] are all you need.

Thank you.

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Candice K. said...

Oh god Afiq! You are a genius in words! Haha. Thank you! :)

Afiq said...

Hahaha... Nahhh. Just simple thoughts. You're welcome~! ^^

Ibrahim Ismail said...

An education is like a marriage, it's a serious business, and you don't simply pick anybody or marry everyone.

When it comes to group tasks (and only if it's being evaluated) find some people who are reliable, and do stick to them.

In other casual (i.e. IT-WONT-AFFECT-MY-POINTER) cases, broaden your network connections. I don't believe in cliques as well. So when you go to UiTM I believe you'll have such a greater opportunity to meet people!

Afiq said...

Yes. That's pretty much the thing. Of course here in IPG it's a different matter. Every person in my class works well together and we'll give our best, no matter if the task is a normal work or the short Cwork. UiTM, though, maybe it'll work differently. Let's see about that.

The thing is when some people choose the same friends again and again for each and every work s/he is given. Come on~! You have other guys all around you. Jeez~!