Friday, 15 July 2011

All of You

Colbie Caillat is indeed an amazing singer. Her music is a breathtaking mix of bubbly fun with a summery beach girl’s spirit, whatever that may be. I love listening to her easy and soulful songs.

This year, her new album hit the stores. Called as All of You, it is indeed the kind of album that you would expect from Colbie, but unlike its predecessors, All of You is more upbeat and catchy, and feels oh-so-summer! Just the right kind of music to unwind yourselves in the summer’s coastal breeze. I really adore the album!

Brighter Than the Sun

I Do

Before I Let You Go

Favorite Song

What If


Think Good Thoughts

Like Yesterday

All of You

Dream Life, Life

What Means the Most

Make It Rain

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t a u f i k said...

U actually bought the CD? wow. I don't really listen to Colby. I'm more into download. I know it's wrong but I'm not the only one. Haha.

Afiq said...

Hey there Taufik! Love reading your blog and its song-titled posts! Hahaha!

Well, sometimes I buy the CDs of artists that I like ~ Colbie, JoJo, BS... Searching for David Archie now]. 99% of the other time, I just download them~! Hahaha. Most of them are Jpop singles or album. It's hard to find Japanese albums here! ^^