Sunday, 10 July 2011

Bah! Bah! Bah!

No other words give us a more Sabahan tinge than this magical word:


It’s not the same like the famous Malay/Manglish ‘lah’. ‘Bah’ is practically flexible and can be used in many instances and moods. Examples on the usage of ‘bah’ in our [well, Sabahans most of the time] daily lives include:

A: Buleh saya ambil?

B: Bah!

A: Betul kan bah?

B: Bah!

A: Bah, jom pergi 1B!

A: Aku sedih bah.

A: Kamu jangan begitu bah!!!

A: Boleh bah?

A: Kenapa bah, kau berubah?

[All/some of these examples might be wrong. Why? See below... and I definitely use Malay language here, not Sabahan Malay dialect, mind ya']

‘Bah’ can also be found in the famous Sabahan phrase ‘bulih bah kalau kau’. It literally means, wait, I’m not sure how to put it… ‘can bah if you’. The not-so-literal way of putting it is ‘you can do it if you want to do it’.

‘Bah’ is a complex word, and I can say that only Sabahans [and to some extent, Sarawakians] can master the intricate are of ‘bah’. 2 years here, and I don’t really think I’m that good in using the word.

‘Bah’ is a cool word, and Sabahans should be proud of it! Ngiahahaha~!

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~KLaRraPaRiS~ said...

one more :D

A: Baaaaaahhhhh, saya bagi tau sigu ko kasi pecah cermin tingkap

lol xD

Nadirah Jannah said...

XD [laughing!]

Bah is indeed Sabah [and perhaps Sarawak] citizen know of. Hmm, like how you want to use the word. I think you will be a good Sabahan speaker. :D

ZeLL~LeaH said...

bah, apa lg...bljr la cra2 mau ckp 'bah' bah...xD

Afiq said...

Dora: Ahaha... should put that in the post if I could think about it earlier... >.<

Um: A good Sabahan speaker? Hahaha... I don't even have a good grasp on my own Terengganuese patois... Heheheh...

Zell: Bah! Sia belajar ya, bah? XD

Mylsa Win said...

hemm... fiq.. i think the second exp should be

A: bulih bah kan...? hehe..
just my opinion.. :)

Afiq said...

Hahaha... that's why I wrote there 'the examples might be wrong'... Let's change it! Haha