Thursday, 28 July 2011

Dear South China Sea

A really old poem [if you could call it a poem] that I made. Suddenly feeling like wanting to post it here… Ngiahaha~

Awkward Monday morning, sunk into the bed,

The clock’s ringing; you’re not strange to it,

Wake up from your sleep; it’s the next day,

And the next, and the next,

Your life starts in an hour,

Throw those blankets,

Hey, the chocolate drink in the cafe’s waiting,

You know you got to pay it.

Wake up, that room’s going to be full in awhile,

You are stuck here, don’t bother,

Cause you’re here,

For better reason,

Hurry up, that lady, she’s isn’t waiting for you,

Come in later, you’ll see a black ring in the book.

Six months straight, it’s boring,

Going to hit the square screen,

25 hours, 8 days a week,

Walk in the big town of Jessel,

Movies and drinks and food,

You going to leave your tasks,

Till its debris’s pocketful,

And you scramble for them

Right before your lines are dead.

You say, ‘dear South China Sea’,

When I’ll go home?

The birdies flying,

The lovebirds passing,

The airplanes roaring,

Cars zip by,

What’s a kid to do?

Just stay here, finish the things you have,

That South China Sea’s going to send,

Your thoughts to the other part of the country,

And you say,

‘Dear South China Sea’,

I’m here for a reason,

The shells, they’re all over the beach,

The sands, all over your feet,

The sun, settling down the horizon,

What’s a kid to do?

So, just stay here, and finish your business.

The South China Sea’s going to send,

Your regards to the place where your hometown sits.

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