Friday, 5 August 2011

Books to Eat... err... Read!

Spent some [some?] money on these babies…

Hello there!

So, what are your insights or notions about reading? Personally, I find reading to be a pleasurable and satisfying thing to do. Not to mention, relaxing. The printed words are one of the pinnacles of human creativity and a great way to kill time. Imaginations run wild when you’re reading, don’t you think so? Some people don’t like to read since it can take a lot of time, especially if the book you are trying to finish is over 600 pages long [usually, books like that are novels].

Nevertheless, I think what my mother did when I was little [you know, early exposure to alphabets and stuff] was the stepping stone in making me an avid reader. I love novels especially. The ways those authors write their stories and characters are amazing, and I wish I could pen something like them. Besides, when you read, you are also improving your vocabularies, grammar. In other words, many aspects in language can benefit from this hobby. The only drawback of buying novels here in our country is the price… Sometimes, those novels’ retailing price is over RM30-40… anyway, I’m reading Harry Potter series right now.Yes, I admit it: I’m not one of the early readers of HP, but that’s because HP was quite hard to find in Kuala Terengganu before [or was it?]. Maybe now the stores in Terengganu have the complete series.

Books are like map. People who don’t read have never taken the initiative to venture out from their place. Every time you open a book and read it, you are actually making yourself wiser. Many bit and pieces of knowledge are kept in the pages of a book. You just need to find time to read one. They say a book is a world. I couldn’t agree more.

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t a u f i k said...

keep up the good habit afiq! i didn't know you were from kuala terengganu. my younger sister is studying maktab there. anyway i used to be an avid reader. but after going through six years of study, i feel lazy to read. even for pleasure. haha. don't be like me. :)

Ibrahim Ismail said...

I prefer to read psychology books. Naah, not the textbook. Something about how people manipulate psychology in media, or how can you use psychology to attract people or to make people fall in love with you etc.

My fav: How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships by Leil Lowndes.

I don't really enjoy reading fiction as I admit am an egotistical person. I find nobody can beat my true story. HAHAHA

Afiq said...

Taufik: Hahaha... thanks! Maybe you'll find time to start your hobby back... who knows? ^^

Ims: Usually, I shy away [another attempt to use new words/phrases... FAIL] from psycho/seriously serious books, but that book you're reading now seems interesting... >.<

[You should write your own book then... hahaha]