Wednesday, 24 August 2011

This is as insignificant as cleaning your shoes

Yes. When holiday is looming on the horizon, all bodily bones (have a lot of them) are getting lazier and lazier and lazier and lazier and… you get the idea. Important things that are important are turning insignificantly insignificant and pretty petty anymore. Sigh… sigh… and more sighs… and more more sighs here.



Prootle prootle prootle

Diddle diddle diddle

Plang plang plang

Skuttle skuttle skuttle

Shlack shlack shlack



That’s a lazybum’s post

Right now, every brain in my cell… err… every cell in my brain wants Friday to come as fast as possible.

Okay! I’ll be my usual self soon… and I bet you too.

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