Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Here be Dragons

Life is like a ship. You’re the captain. New things or places are like strange and uncharted waters that strike fear and terror upon the hearts of humans. Fear can change people, even the strongest of a person. You are pessimistic about doing new things, achieving new heights, venturing new places, but when you believe that you can be great: YOU WILL BE GREAT. No one will believe you if you never put the faith in yourself. The ship needs to be steered to the right path. Even if the pages of the map are hard to read at first, even if those longitudes and latitudes are indistinguishable, even if the seas are treacherous, shallow, or shark-infested, if you trust yourself and search for the answers along the way, in the end, the destination will dawn on you.

You will find nothing but gold in the place where they wrote Here be Dragons.

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t a u f i k said...

have faith in yourself too, fiq. :D

Afiq said...

Hahaha~! Thanks! The same to you! ^^