Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Reasons Why

Serendipity /ˌsɛr·ən·ˈdɪp·ɪ·ti/ n
An aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

Let’s be honest here, okay mate?

First thing first, I know that being a teacher is not everyone’s cup of tea. How about me? Frankly, it was serendipitous that my friend actually put the light on me that IPGs all around the country were on the process of taking new students for July 2010. Yes. I didn’t know that at the first place. Shoot me. So does this make me a liar for telling you guys that I actually WANT to be a teacher? NO. How to say this? After you get second chance in your life, you want to make the best of it.

How did I being a teacher became the second chance? I never think of it, it’s just that I lost sense of direction of choosing my tertiary education after SPM. Come on, not so many places in Malaysia want to take someone with 5As right? Luckily, IPG came along, and I was saved from becoming a useless person, and that is not an exaggeration. I can finally put something that I like, that is English, for a good cause: to be a teacher and serve the country. Is it me, or those words seem to be politically inclined somehow. I did get heartache at first. You see, I was the second intake. I think my appointment [pardon me. I couldn’t find a better word for temuduga] didn’t go very well. Oh well… I am still in the desperate need of making my spoken English a hell lot better!

Anyway, people [especially my mom] always ask me, why I choose SM, instead of SR. Just two reasons: first, I love adorable kids, but I can’t teach them. Period. I’m not born to teach SR pupils. My friends know about it. Second [this may sound snobby, and sure make me look like a snob], I believe that I have the capabilities of teaching SM students because of my… err, well-grasp basic of English grammar and literature. See? Snobbish isn’t it... but really, the road doesn’t end in one night. I still have a lot to learn. Maybe this post, as well as other post in this blog has grammatical mistakes. Who knows? Besides, SM is fun… right? So, there you have it, the reasons why I entered IPG.

2010 is about to close its door. How is my experience here so far? Some were good, some bad. One thing, sometimes life there was so boring that I put my face in front of the laptop 24/7. Not a good thing eh? So, how should I replace it? Find a hobby? I think with the allowance of RM600++ per month [nyeheheh…], I could afford a novel sometimes. Then again, I have novels there which I didn’t read… So, err… I think I should finish them first, right? Lazy scumbag…

Anyway, from LDS to Shakespeare, Macbeth dramatisation to TESL Night, and of course all those little events that involve me, and my friends, or those big ones which involve the institute itself [sometimes, I do feel that IPG Gaya has numerous event every month], all are experiences [‘experience’ don’t have plural, isn’t it?] that I will surely treasure. One big thing about these experiences is that I got to do it in Sabah. It might seem weird, but yeah, I love living there.

I think next year, everything’s going to be better and bigger.

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DEAN said...

u can use 'interview' for 'temuduga' I guess

Afiq said...

oh yeah... haha... memang pelupa ak... haha...

thanks...! >.<