Friday, 24 December 2010

Be Alive

What makes love hurt? Love hurts if your fragile heart is shattered into pieces knowing that your crush, be it a guy or a girl, cannot accept you. Love hurts if every night, tears of regret fall down and you think that you cannot be loved because you are not what he or she likes. Love hurts if you know you cannot be with the one you adore if you don’t change yourself for that person. Love hurts if a sweet relationship in the beginning turns into a meaningless junk. Love hurts if one day in the future, you realise that you should have said those words to that person. Love hurts if you still remember the thing that made it hurt in the first place. You kept your smile hidden because of all these things.

You are awesome. You are beautiful. You know that. All those days of pain, and sadness, and helplessness, it will all be eclipsed when you see what the world actually contains. A walk in a park, may just be a walk to remember for who knows what event might be unfolded there. Breathe. Life’s too short to moan for everything under the collective term of misery. Put an end to it. Smile. Not the hardest thing to do. Lie on the grass, dip your feet in the beach, and run wild. Be free. You don’t live forever. Take time to enjoy every moment of your life. Everything, from as small as a butterfly, to as big as time itself, will put your smile in the rightful place, perhaps in an unexpected moment. Live life, don’t press the pause button. You deserve to feel the flawlessly-crafted chaotic, beautiful world around you. Your heart deserves a better chance to beat perfectly for you. One day, love will cover all regrets, grief, and ache.

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