Monday, 13 September 2010


Fear is in every human being. Human are breed with fear.

Life is about fear.
We fear on things untried before, big or small, thinking that if we fail, it will be a laughing stock of everyone around us. We fear of stepping into a new territory, a place where we never ventured before is like the forbidden city. Lots of opportunities, but we are not determine enough to push our feet to the front, thinking that if we make an unintentional slip, that place will forever be out of our reach. We fear on saying words we want to say all this while, the truth, the words that can change lives, thinking that we might make others to stay away from us that we rather hurt ourselves. We fear of tomorrow, thinking what if yesterday's bad luck will move on to this new unrelated day.

All of us went through this, one time or many.

We wish we are fearless.
Fearless to go there. Fearless to be this. Fearless to try new thing.


Not a great thing.

With fear, we have someone we hold dear to be with us, to say things that calm us, to have those favourite comfort food in our bed. With fear, we have thoughts when moving in to a new place, calculating the worse and the best that could possibly happen and be ready for them. With fear, love is a great thing. The last relationship hurt us, and now before heading to a new one, we have something to hold on to, the fact that we fear this one would crumble too, and just do anything to keep it strong, but if it does, we know we can go through this one too. With fear, we leave our old self, embracing a better us realising now that we are a better person for others, a better person for our own sake. With fear, we say we are wrong when we know others are right or stand for ourselves when others are wrong. Fear gives us strength to try and to learn, to know that everything that we never do is not something to be afraid off. Fear makes us determine to propel to the unreachable height before.

Fear is a strong feeling. A good feeling that get us going through our lives, non-stop, to find anything that keeps us better, relieved, calm.

When you know there are fear, then you know you are fearless.

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