Thursday, 2 September 2010

Big Shout!

Wanna Say Something in a Big Way:

And I want to say hurrah [a word that any normal human would not use in a normal everyday basis] because in just a few hours I'll fly back to the peninsular and celebrate Raya with my dearest family. I can't wait for the rendang, lemang, ketupat, and the Raya cookies... Yum yum...

Well, the only thing that's bothering me now is that because the flight is in Thursday, so I need to skip two-days classes... So pity arr... Heck, what to do... No cheap ticket maa~... No worries, dear lecturers... Promise to cover the lessons back properly [ellipsis intended, though it seems weird]...

So, before I finish this post, I just want to say:


[Puasa pon tak habis lagi! Hahah]

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