Thursday, 23 September 2010

Glee S2E1 Audition

Season 2, Episode 1 - AUDITION

Glee is back, and the verdict? Astoundingly amazing. A nice comeback to our favourite TV series. Here's my own unimportant synopsis on this episode!

A new coach replaces Ken Tanaka who apparently moved out from the school because of nervous breakdown and that new coach, Beiste, not Beast, is a male-looking female person who is successful in her career as the American football coach. With this, both the Cheerios and the Glee Club budgets are cut. So, Will with his longtime rival, Sue Sylvester, makes an agreement to oust her Beiste out from the School. Will they succeed?

In the mean time, newcomers are pouring in into that Ohioan school and the Glee Club wants more recruits, but as usual, Rachel, not wanting to let go of her throne as the Solo Queen devises a plan to get rid of Sunshine Corazon, a great Filipino exchange student cum singer. Finn meanwhile, is in the process of pursuading a new big mouth [literally] student, Sam Evans to enter the Club. Will Sunshine and Sam enter the Club?

Artie, meanwhile, has a problem of his own - Tina, breaks off with him and date with fellow Asian, Mike Chang. Racists? Whatever it is, the good intention of Finn to help Artie To get back Tina definitely pays off in the wrong way. As usual, the Cheerios plays an integral role in the story, and Santana, well, she's in big trouble, BIG trouble. Good news: Quinn's BACK! [as in her mean streak].

All in all, the season's opener is a truly great episode and we can be prettty sure that we'll be treated with a great season of comedy, musical and life roller coaster with Glee!



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