Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Magical Day

Inside the bus 13A [right?]
Syed and Aina
Ilanggo [what were you looking at? LOL]
Berlagak cam ada kat luar negara... Haha

Went out today with some friends, namely Langgo, Aina, Syed, Dzul, and Hamy and we had a great time watching:


Well, to be frank, I don’t really like Malay movies since most of them are meaningless slapstick [not-so-funny] comedy, but if I do watch them, they are great [Papadom!]. Magika is in that list now.

Here’s the list why you should watch it:

1. This is a Malay movie like no other. Come on! How many times have you watched Malay movies that have musical in it [minus the classics of course]? Besides, the FX is nice, and the story is different. A blend of comedy, legends, adventure, romance, and melancholy. Oh yeah, the cinematography is so nice!

2. The movie is where we can learn all those Malay legends and tales, from Mahsuri, Puteri Bunian, Puteri Gunung Ledang, Nenek Kebayan [a vogue one I would say… LOL… and it’s VOUG, nat VO-GIU], Pak Pandir, The Onions [I mean Bawang Putih and Bawang Merah] and more. Of course they are told in different situations. Nice to see all of them to be enacted in the silver screen.

3. The musical numbers. Yes, it’s a bit weird to see a Malay musical movie [except for the classics], but they’re quite good.

4. It's definitely a movie for all ages. Don’t think it’s a movie for kids. Everyone can watch it. The youngsters and the young-at-heart.

So, don’t think that spending RM5 [in Growball larrr, that is if you have student matrix card] for this movie is a waste. Do it. You’ll have fun.


Now, for the side stuff:

Before the movie started, we went for the bowls. As usual, my not-so-straight way of throwing the balls resulted in me being in the last place. What about the others?

1 – Syed

2 – Ilanggo

3 – Aina

OK, so I should be sad… LOL… Well, the good thing is my skills [skills?] improved and I got only zero pinfall for only three times. 55 marks are definitely the highest mark I've ever got… Lalalalalalala…

And then, move on for the games in the game arcade. TEKKEN! Love it, but hate the pain it cause. ARM PAIN!

The verdict?

AFIQ – 1 win

AINA – 2 wins [Both with me! What?!]

SYED – 3 wins

ILANGGO – 0 win [With all of us! Kesian! Haha]

Then for the basketball game, Me and Ilanggo won! Yeay~!

So, after three days of toiling with the assignments, finally this day is a sort of relieve and rest for us. Huhuh…

So, that’s all for now and see you soon!

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