Friday, 6 July 2012


 I just love BRAVE! I mean when was the last time you’ve seen a film that has the Scottish accent? Celtic culture? Everything Scotland?
The cinematography/sceneries are breathtaking. It feels as if this is actually a real film shot in real locations. The music score is an aural feast, especially since I love Celtic traditional music! Oh yeah, Princess Merida’s hair is so orange, have never seen a ginger-head like her before. Haha~ And of course, the SCOTTISH ACCENT!!! That’s my new favourite accent, after Cockney~
Okay, maybe story wise, Brave is not a new kind of story, we’ve all seen a story about mother and daughter trying to rectify their relationship, but I guess that can be forgiven! Oh yeah, the short animation before the film, La Luna, is so cute! Bambino is a pretty little boy!

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