Monday, 16 July 2012

Diana MINI is MINE!!!

So, about 11 months ago [what a long time], I promised myself that I would buy a camera, any camera. So, guess what? I bought one!!! Huzzah!!! What kind of camera?
So, what’s Diana MINI? Basically, it’s a lomography camera and it captures lo-fidelity photos. Lo-fi refers to unconventional photographic aesthetics, which to give an impression of low quality [so copying Wikipedia…]. Oh yeah, this white one cost 249MYR [the normal blue/black one is just 199MYR] and you can buy it in The Click Shop. I bought mine at TCS Pavilion KL. Here’re some of the features of Diana Mini

Square and rectangular half-frame formats at the flick of a switch
Shoots up to 72 shots per film on half-frame mode
Shoots up to 36 shots per film on square mode
Takes all types of 35mm film
Requires standard 35mm film development
Ultra-compact and pocket-sized
Overlap frames across photos for endless abstract panoramas
Multiple exposure functionality
‘B’ mode for long exposures
Sunny and cloudy exposure settings
 Unlike DSLR or other digicams, Diana Mini shoots photos the old-school way, by using the trusted negatives a.k.a. films… which I think is totally cool in this digitally-saturated world of ours. With films, you just have that feeling that pixels can’t give to you. I think the process of giving our effort and waiting for the result will give us that great satisfaction, don’t you think so?

Now, I have to wait until I got back to my hometown. I am ready for an adventure [or maybe more than two adventures?] with my sweetheart [not a person!!!]. Yeayy! Go Lomo!!!

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