Thursday, 19 July 2012


When you are stuck between telling the truth and keeping silence, which one would you choose? Would you:

A. Say anything that you want to say, no matter how awfully hurting it is to the other person, as long as he or she can see the real thing that happens
B. Refrain from making any comments because you don’t want to see that person from getting hurt

It’s tough, but for me, the best way is to just say the reality straight to that person. Say so with consideration and discretion of course. Don’t really think cursing/angrily saying stuff/emotional rambling will let you state your points or show the situation easily even if they are correct. Yeah, maybe sometimes, people won’t listen to us, but then, it’s up to them to justify the consequences that will come. We’ve done our part.

It’s better than being silent and then seeing people suffering later. You will feel guilty for not explaining the truth and stopping incidents from happening.

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