Sunday, 5 January 2014

Macbeth a la Mafiosi

So my class has finished our two years in Shah Alam, but not without a ‘bang’ – a bang in the form of a Shakespearian theatre that is. The theatre was a part of the assessments for Introduction to Shakespeare, but I’ll say, we had fun doing it. I really did. We did a Mafiosi version of Macbeth, interspersed with references to Thor. We even made Mjolnir for Heaven’s sake. Haha~If there is one thing that I did not expect, it was that I exaggerated the way I said “my Padrinooooo~”. It made the audience laughed.

Anyway, I will always remember this. Besides, I have the video, so I can watch it again and again haha~
I made the poster~ Wheee
Told ya~
I was Angus

As a bonus I edited this photo

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