Friday, 4 July 2014

Semester Eight

Hi there!

It’s like every year I write less and less in this blog. Well, I try not to do that, but then again, that means I need to reinvigorate my brain. Anyway, the new semester has started and assignments have already piled in.

Did I tell you that this semester is my eighth and final semester as a TESLian? My five-and-a-half-year journey is almost over. I can’t believe it really. I mean, I am now 23 years old, I still think that is weird, and then next year, IPG Gaya will just be a memory. A lovable memory, yes, but still just a memory. Well, that is a sad way to describe it haha. Anyhow, we have six courses this semester. They are:

Professional Development – I am still trying to understand what the heck the subject is about… although it is related to how we develop our careers towards higher levels (?)
Computer Assisted Language Learning – We like to call this as CALL. Self-explanatory isn’t it? This course deals with how we use technology in the teaching of language.
Current Issues in Education – This is where we will analyse and discuss about the current or contemporary issues that affect the country’s education system.
Women in Literature – For this subject, we will learn all about women and their roles in English literature, the characteristics of women in literature, well everything that involves women and literature.
Contemporary Literature – Another literature subject and this one deals with short stories and poems published after WW2, you know, literature that are still relevant with the current climate and reality?
Academic Exercise – This one… this one… this one… *runs away from responsibility, changes personal name, takes a flight to Ushuaia, and hides forever in a cave while the heart is filled with regrets*

Okay, that’s all!

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