Friday, 17 October 2014


Have you ever taken psychological personality tests? Yes, I know what you think, and what you think is that those tests cannot be trusted. Of course, we cannot eliminate our uniqueness and difference from one another. We developed our own personalities as we grow older, but believe it or not, barring all those occasional disparities, we may be able to find those who are actually quite similar to us. That girl or boy next door to you may just have the same attitude with you.

The main thing here is that personality tests are designed to make you able to recognise your potentials and weaknesses, be alert to your surroundings and people in that environment and how they relate to you, and understand the things that make you tick or freak. Personality tests are of course not a 100%-correct judgment of your lives, but in many cases, they can be pretty correct, just like the one that I did. It is a website known as and it will tell you on your type of personality based on a number of questions.

So, I did mine, and my personality turned out to be one of INTJ, that is Introverted-Intuitive-Thinking-Judging. INTJs are among the rarest personality there is. Just about 2% of the world’s population are INTJs. Basically, I’m a unicorn haha.

Instinct and theories play a large role for INTJs. INTJs are well known for their curiosity and desire to gain knowledge and are readily happy to share the information they know with other people (sounds just like me). If INTJs wants to do something, they will focus on that something properly and execute plans or strategies that will help them to achieve it. INTJs are resolute in analysing their environment and being rational and logical. They will do anything to keep their theories or stances intact if they feel that they are right (based on what they read or experience), but if they are given new opinions or ideas that are quite true, they can adapt themselves and receive the new views gladly. Honesty and open-mindedness are the virtues that INTJs find to be important. Also, INTJs like to have some ‘me-time’ with themselves (I do). They can be really private, mainly due to their introverted nature.

Nevertheless, the weaknesses of INTJs can be quite detrimental. INTJs can be quite narcissistic and arrogant or look at other people as mere peasants, especially if those people are not doing things properly (well, can’t say I don’t feel that way haha). Judging other people? Well, INTJs can’t help it. The good thing about INTJs pursuit for plans and strategies can be bad as they strive to be perfect, in fact a bit too perfect in many cases. They will always question themselves like a lot and are likely to overanalyse every single thing that they do (I do that a lot and it frustrates me). Besides that, their penchant of being honest causes them to be insensitive to other people. INTJs emotions are generally not as well developed as the other personalities.

What I do learn from the test is that in many ways, I should try to improve myself, especially in aspects where INTJs fail the most. Why don’t you try it?

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