Friday, 14 November 2014

INK - Issue:1

Do you know what a zine is? Zine is an original, self-published, small-circulation booklet or magazine either cheaply photocopied or in digital form. I have always wanted to make a zine for a long time because it's unique and personal. People usually make zines on the topics or matters that they love, be it films, gaming, poetry, food, anything.

Since I didn't have anything to do, I actually created one with my Photoshop and Word today haha. The name of my zine is the INK. So, I can say that I’ve finally fulfilled that dream! Yeay! Making the zine was a bit tough but I do love it. I especially love creating the layout. So, lads and lassies, let me welcome you to the first ever issue of the INK. In the November 2014 issue, it’s all about haiku. So sit back, relax, and read on! Thanks!

Read it here: The INK

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