Saturday, 7 February 2015

Reading: The Beginning

Looking at my books (many of them still unread), I am happy that I have at least developed one good habit, reading. The one not-so-good habit that also developed for that is hoarding books… but uh let’s move on. I adore reading books. I think that started as a small hobby when I was in primary school. During recess, I’d almost always go to the library and read the non-fictions and encyclopaedias available there. That continues in my secondary school, well at least the first three years of it. I was a librarian and I love being one. I got to wear a yellow shirt and a blue tie and trousers. I felt special (well a bit hahah). Of course being at service for book-related businesses and surrounded by different kinds of books made the experience even better. Also, I got to eat free food once in awhile, that was a plus-point haha.

But then my reading habits stopped, it just did. Too busy I guess? It was when I entered IPG Gaya and UiTM that my reading habit was really nurtured. I needed to analyse many different short stories and novels and poems and that just made my passion for literature and stories to burn again. Of course, KK and KL having lots of big bookstores also played a role in developing that. I just loved going to all those bookshops, especially Kinokuniya.

From that on, I started to buy books, most of them novels. I devoured them. Sometimes, I went somewhere nice to read books alone. That made me feel blissful. Obviously, the side effect of me learning literature-related courses during my studies is that now I tend to examine the story and relate it to my life or the things happening around me. Well, isn’t that the purpose of writing fictions? Many of them are pure examples of the meaning of life. They tell us about the realities of the world we lived in. It’s a good thing that I do that. I want to seek the meaning of what I read and how they connect to the world around me.

Anyway, I still love reading books and I hope that it will continue on and on. The only thing that I need is for Terengganu to have bookstores that sell English novels… lots of them!

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