Tuesday, 4 September 2012

EAT @ El-Edrus

There’s a new restaurant in the town, and it’s called El-Edrus. I think you could safely assume that it serves Middle-eastern cuisine. Well, it’s really hard to find foreign cuisine in Terengganu, so I was very pleased to eat there. Haha~ Here are the photos of the dishes that my family and yours truly ate [I was planning on writing 'devoured' but that word was like 'extra-gluttonous' in its definition... haha~]
 This is Madghout Lamb. Basically it is charcoal-cooked lamb and the rice is cooked with briyani spices.
 This one is Mandy Lamb, another type of charcoal-cooked lamb with the rice soaking up the meat juice. My mom had this one.
 Hummus is a staple dish in the Arabic cuisine. Hummus is mashed chickpeas mixed with tahini [or sesame seed] sauce with olive oil. It's a little bit tangy and nutty.
This is my cup of Arabic tea. It has unknown spices in it, well, unknown to me. This makes a nice thirst-quencher.

There are two branches of the restaurant in Kuala Terengganu District: one is in Ladang, KT South, and the other in Gong Badak, KT North. If you’re a gastronomic adventurer or just like to savour good food, why don’t you give this restaurant a try?

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ZeLL~LeaH said...

kasi tapau utk sy smua jns lamb yg ada d kdai tu. trima kaseh! xD

Afiq said...

Malangnya saya tak dapat nak poslajukan lamb2 tersebut~ Hahah~