Sunday, 13 January 2013


I have always felt insecure when it comes to my body. I’m skinny, like skinny skinny. You know you are abnormal when you're only 43kg for a 22-years-old. My BMI is way below the required range. It’s been a thing that makes me feel inferior to other people, and I always think that if I have the proper weight, than I would feel better about myself and people won’t look at me like I’m a weakling, you know especially when i am about to be a teacher. Searching for clothes [S, XS] is quite hard sometimes, and people always ask me if I can carry stuff because they are afraid if any absurd circumstances would occur and I would break my bone [haha][sometimes, it's a good thing!]. Well, I try to be comfortable with my body, but I want to still increase my weight, and obviously I don’t actually know how. Well, I lack exercises too really. Physical change is kind of hard.

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ZeLL~LeaH said...

look for tips online on how to gain weight. with determination and discipline, i'm sure u can be berisi, fit and buff in no time. x)