Saturday, 12 January 2013

Top Choices of Two Thousand and Twelve

There have been lots and lots of memorable films in the year 2012, good enough for a year that was slated to be the end of our world, but of course, only morons believed the Mayans. In fact, I do believe those Mayans did not predict the expiry date of the earth – it was just that they ran out of dates and had to stop chiseling their calendars. Anyway, here is the list of my favourite 2012 films
Motion Picture of the Year + Best Drama
Les Misérables
Undoubtedly, the best film of 2012. With stellar performances by its cast, amazing songs, and dazzling cinematography, this is one musical that is hard to forget.
Best Action Sci-fi
The Amazing Spiderman
Yeah, Tinseltown makes a lot of reboots these few years, but Spiderman is so amazing, that I want more! Totally ship Peter and Gwen!
Best Action-Adventure + Best Teen
The Hunger Games
Two teenagers on a competition that may be the end of their lives, this is a film unlike no other
Best Animated Feature + Best Fantasy
Rise of the Guardians
Maybe the story’s predictable but for all it is, this film is a reminder of what we used to believe. Why do we have to stop dreaming?
Best Romance
Upside Down
A twisted world and a romance that transcends gravity

Runner Up for -
Best Action Sci-fi
Looper and The Avengers
Best Animated Feature

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