Friday, 26 April 2013


We can’t live with frustration on your head can we?

The thing about disappointment is that sometimes it could be carried everywhere all the time. It’s a burden that we intentionally throw on our shoulders even though what we really want to do is to let it go. It’s just that, I don’t know, we are compelled to see the underachieving side of our life more than acknowledging that we’ve accomplished a lot of things.

If all those disappointments could be milestones to change our life to be better, then they’re good. The thing that is not good? We tend to let all those disappointments to devour our mind. We continue to live with the fact that we are not entitled to good things. We think that even if we try and try, we can’t reach the height that we aim for.

We’ve failed ourselves by being disappointed with our life.

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Murni Afiqah said...

there's another option : be positive! =)

Afiq said...

Sorry for the late reply haha~ Didn't open me weblog for a long time.

Yeah, positivity is good, though I say for some people, it'll take a long time because they are too focus on the failures.

Oh well. Life's not a bed of roses.