Monday, 20 May 2013


Boys – there are so many things that people always say about being one of the boys. Boys should be tough. Boys should be able to withstand anything. Boys should do things that prove their strength. Boys should not be afraid to be physically hurt. Boys should say things girl cannot say.

No one has ever said that boys are allowed to cry if they want to.

I guess that’s the way the society is built. Boys are always seen as being rough and ready for life that people always forget that they have a heart too. A heart is a flesh that beats with emotions. It carries the sadness an anger that are kept for who knows how long. And yes, boys carry these feelings too. Boys forced to act so cool and strong in front of the others hold something so fragile and distressing inside their bodies. That’s the only thing that the boys can’t do – crying or having others to listen to what they feel. It will only mean one thing: the heart is weak.

Who wants a weakling?

Do you want to be compared to a girl? People will say that you’re useless, a piece of junk, people will call you names, they will bully you, your friends will think that you’re such a puny guy.

Who wants a weakling?

No one wants a weakling.

If only boys are allowed to share what they feel with someone who they really love. They don’t even do it because of the external pressure, even from the ones who are closest to them. They fear of being seen as cowards, which is wrong, because to have fear and sorrow and rage are not cowardice. It shows that you’re a perfectly made human, human who doesn’t have the capability to feel emotions are not perfect.

Sometimes, you just want someone else to care about you for a change. You want others to realise that beneath the exterior, there is one other different thing that hides, that thing that others don’t see a lot, but it is still a living, breathing part of your existence.

Boys. Who wants to listen to what they harbour inside?

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