Saturday, 11 May 2013


Hey there.

We keep so many things to ourselves – things that devour every inch of our soul, things that keep us awake at night, things that we want to omit but can’t seem to do so. We long to share them with someone, we yearn to voice them from the top of our lungs hoping that anyone would come and be there just to listen.

We’re afraid, aren’t we? We are afraid because most of the time, people will just ignore, or worse, pretending to listen but not caring at all, or even worse than that, listen and then spread what we’ve told them to others. Let’s face it: there are lots of instances when people just don’t accept the things that we keep inside our hearts. The reason: because everything that we feel shows our vulnerabilities or differences.

Will people look at us the same after that? Maybe they’ll change. Maybe they’ll blame us for sharing what we feel with them. Maybe they'll alienate us. We are half the people that we used to be. Perhaps, what we feel constitutes a half of us.

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