Friday, 18 February 2011

Readers' Theatre: An Awesome Night Like No Other!

IPGK Gaya’s PPISMP TESL July 2010 students had organised the 2011 Readers’ Theatre last Friday and it was incredible! They totally rocked it out last Friday. For me, it was really great to experience all of their awesome, funny, and sad stories, amazing and funky dance performances and breathtaking singings. They have lots of talents, ain’t it?

[What’s a reader’s theatre anyway? It is a style of theatre in which the actors sit or stand on the stage, and read the lines directly from the scripts. The scripts are not memorised. Instead of using elaborate props or visual aesthetics, the actors use their own vocal expressions and body movements to help the audience understand the story.]

The [completely unorthodox] compilation of the stories:

The bread [a gift from God] was eaten by a vegan dinosaur that then went to the bank to deposit $65 but was astonished to see new creatures called butterflies. He was trying to catch them, but he accidentally met a one-arm aborigine [who never enrolled himself in a school]who was trying to eat him while saying ‘Sam I am, I don’t eat green eggs and ham’, while listening to Martin Luther King, Jr’s I Have a Dream in order to fulfil his dream of world peace.

Here’re some photos from the night. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Traditional dances
Santiana Ramli
Lawrence and Ezron
Their dance rocked! [accompanied with 4 Minute by JT/Madonna]
Mr Alvin and Mr Harold with [Argggggh... somebody help me!]
One of the winners that night, Vexter Dennis Maloles
Marvin and Huai Sheng as the backstage crews, and Bernstein!
The dancers!
Ms Eva!

Thanks guys for organising an awesome night!

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FarhaNezam said...

waa thanks a lot senior for making a special entry for us! really appreciate it..

Afiq said...

Haha~! Douitashimashite *bows* Welcome welcome... I think I'm the one who should say thanks. I enjoyed that night to the max! ^^

Jeong Ha-neul said...

it's our pleasure..but thx to our tutors, because it's their idea..anyways, the night is rocking and will everlasting, don't you think so, senior?

Afiq said...

Definitely! I'll remember it! >.<
[Yeah, thanks to the tutors too for coming up with this idea!]

Mylsa Win said...

love it! especially the mash-up readers' theatre scripts.. haha!! thanks fiQ !!

Afiq said...

Haha... Thanks Win~! ^^

Ibrahim Ismail said...

You're caught red handed dancing to the songs!

Afiq said...

Their dance were so energetic, I couldn't help it. Haha.