Saturday, 26 February 2011

I am Number Four: it's Epic, Rad, and Dope!

a place is only as good as the people you know in it.

Alex Pettyfer, John Smith... An alien... Seriously. Awesome. Alien!

Dianna Agron, Sarah... OMG, you're so cute! [And that cammy? Rad!]

Callan McAuliffe, Sam... Adorable Aussie!

Teresa Palmer, Number Six... Kickass Aussie!

Seriously, flirting with me after reading my secret book is so not cool

I have powers... You? Nope!

Take that you filthy gill-y Mogadorians!
Look mom! My hands! They're shining [at least not in the Twilight way]

Watched I AM NUMBER FOUR yesterday, and it was like AWESOMELY EPIC!
Basically, the plot is about a guy, John Smith, an alien from planet Lorien who is one of the nine alien children that were sent to earth as a way to protect them from the Mogadorians, an invasive alien species with gills that had nothing else to do but to kill them. John is number four, and since number one, two, and three were killed, his number will be up soon. With his Guardian, Henri, they both travelled around America trying to be normal and not to stand out from the crowd [though that is what John always does]. After an unfortunate event that may spill out John’s secret, they go to their next destination, Paradise, Ohio. It is here that John meets Sam, whose missing father is an alien enthusiast [Sam discovers about John’s secret life later]. John also learns that a Lorien will only love one people his entire life, and for John, his love is Sarah. Nevertheless it comes with so many obstructions: Sarah’s ex-BF, Mark, and of course, the Mogadorians soon find out where he’s hiding. He doesn’t want to run for his entire life. He finally loves someone, and he’ll defend himself for that.
So guys… How was the movie? I have answered it above. Huhu…
The casts were great! Alex Pettyfer was so great acting like an Number Four a.k.a. Number Four, though I will make a guess that the girls watched him for something else… Haha. He nailed it. Dianna Agron, she was an angel. Really… she’s cute as a button, and her portrayal as Sarah was beautiful [I wanna read her secret book!]. Her camera IS splendid! Want that! Aussie Callan McAuliffe played as Sam, John’s friend whose father knew about the arriving of the aliens, in fact he even knew them. Sam was typically a dork in his school, and was bullied, a lot! It’s not wrong to say that he was adorable too… Another Aussie, Teresa Palmer starred as Number Six, another Lorien child. She was a badass girl… should have more screentime though.
Anyway, it is a movie that you either love it, or hate it. The story, although a bit like what you might have seen before, is still great. There were some comedic moments, maybe not LOL-typed-comedic moments, but you’ll still giggle on your seats. Not to be missed, some moments of suspense. Romance, Number Four and Sarah made a pretty great couple! The action sequence and FX were like WHOA EPIC! The last fiery explosion was superbly made. The highlight of this story? Maybe it’s weird, but the soundtracks? They were incredible! Love each and every song in it.
Final verdict: 4.5/5
P.S.: here's the photo of the camera used by Sarah, Nikon F 35MM SLR!

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Jeong Ha-neul said...

i like the movie as's very good especially the actors and the effects~ hehe~
[p/s: i don't know you're there until i saw you after the show. which seat r u last night??]

DEAN said...

Ak xleh nk tgk lagi sbb ak tgh dlm Plan Jimat. Aaarrgh, I wish I can grab a ticket by this March!!!

Afiq said...

JHN - I think the movie was epic. Huhu... Our show was the one after you guys, the 9.45pm show. Not the same as you.

Din - Mac ade lagi tu... Sabar la... Haha

ZeLL~LeaH said...

the analogue SLR....@_@

Afiq said...

It's a beauty~! ^^

Ibrahim Ismail said...

We've done a presentation on the book and movie for our Children in Lit course (which you'll take in final sem). We watch the premier a day before the very day.

Afiq said...

What movie? Sounds nice. Was it like a part of your assignment?

You watch the premiere? The ticket seller told us the show started on the 14th, but that was in CP lo.. Haha

Ibrahim Ismail said...

It's the movie, 'I Am No 4'. Yeahza, you need to find a Children/ Adolescences book, an adaptation of it, and present it. It's fun!

The day before the presentation day, not the day before the official launch. *my bad.

Afiq said...

So let me get this straight, you made your own movie based on IAN4? That's wicked! Would love to see it. ^^

rafael said...

Thanks for letting me know about the camera's model. I posted a review about these cameras in my blog. Do visit my blog sometimes if you have time. :)