Friday, 4 March 2011

IPGK Gaya’s Kejohanan Olahraga Divisi ke-42

Yesterday was the day of IPGK Gaya’s Kejohanan Olahraga Divisi ke-42 [yeap. It’s that OLD!]. Penampang Stadium was our venue this year. The fact that I learnt was that each year, Sukan Divisi will be organised/handled by all trainees from the fifth semester because it’s part of the syllabus. Of course, my class will not do that because we are in UiTM by that time. Let’s say I’m a bit sad… Haha…

Just like the previous one, this year I was still a part of Waja’s perbarisan team. The unfortunate news, this year, lots of chaos and messiness happened, and we didn’t get enough practice, and not to mention, members. Nevertheless, in the end, we gave our best, but the truth is, I was a little bit disappointed that our team only managed to be in the top fourth [READ: last place!]. Last year, we were only one step closer to victory.

Another terribly gloomy thing is that, Waja Division was only 3 points away from emerging victorious. If we did, that will be our fourth time, IN A ROW~! Anyhow, WIRA [their tagline, ‘WE’ ROAR! Nice~!], you deserved it!

One thing that is the truth and the truth only, is that we truly enjoyed the games, and also the loud cheers namely, Go Waja Go song, and many others. We won the prize for best sorakan~! Wheeheee~!

So everyone, no matter from which division,


You guys are the best!

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Jeong Ha-neul said...

nice one, afiq! like the photo..
i really look cute there.. [giggle]

p/s: isn't the photo that you have taken from your h/p? nice~

Afiq said...

Haha... Thanks~! Masuk bakul angkat sendiri ek? Haha~! Gurau

Yup. It's from my camphone... It's 2MP cam sure comes handy~!

Ibrahim Ismail said...

Cameraphone? You must be kidding. It looks as if they're taken by a DSLR! You must be a master in photography.

Ps. Could you please check your class blog's comment section. I can't seem to leave any comments. Perhaps you can activate the "pop-up" setting, instead? Settings --> Comment Form Placement --> Pop Up Window

Afiq said...

Yes, it's the usual 2MP cameraphone. No kidding. Gee, thanks. Never thought someone would say that to me... Haha.

[OK. I'll check that later. Besides, think it's time for some [or lots of] updates... Haha]

Azham Vosovic said...

Hey CIkgu Blogger! we are doing the same course actually rite?

Afiq said...

Hi there~! ^^ Yes, we're doing the same course >.<