Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Manukan's Adventure

It was Sunday, and the best way to spend Sunday is by exploring a new place!

With my friends, we went to Manukan Island, a beautiful island – famous for its reef – that forms a part of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. Besides Manukan, other islands scattered in it are Mamutik, Sapi, Sulug, and Gaya [the largest].

To go there, tourists need to embark from Jesselton Point. For Manukan, we paid around MYR30 [including the snorkelling apparatus, boat fee and the island entrance fee]. I think it’s worth it because Manukan was amazing and you don’t go to an island all the time right?

Snorkelling was the only activity that we did, as the others [paragliding, banana boat, etc] were either 1) too expensive, or 2) were done on other islands. All the same, this does not mean that snorkelling wasn’t fun. Manukan’s marine life was spectacular. The reefs were varied in shapes and sizes and colour. The fish were swimming all around us, although I deter the fact that I was bitten by some fish countless of time. I didn’t know what they saw in me that made them did that… Haha.

[My phone was out of battery power, so couldn’t take lots of photos… *gahhhh*]

Our embarking point, Jesselton Point [formerly known as Jesselton Wharf]
P.S.: it's a cool place to hang out and eat too!
On the boat
Sailing through the sea
It was fast!
The scenery of KK from the sea
The jetty at Manukan Island
Beautiful Manukan Island

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