Sunday, 20 March 2011

Love songs

I like Jpop better than Kpop, but compared to Kpop, you can hardly find any albums from Japanese artists here in Malaysia, unless the artist is well-known. The only bummer of liking both of them is that you don’t understand the languages. Anyhow, I bought an album from one of my fave Jpop singers, Hamasaki Ayumi. If you never heard that name before, than you seriously have a catching up to do. She has been around for ages.

The album is entitled Love songs. The tracklist [and notice the inconsistencies of their names. Japanese sure love naming their songs weirdly]:

Love song



sending mail

Last angel


Like a doll



Thank U

Sweet Season


do it again


Virgin Road


Love song, crossroad, MOON, sending mail, blossom, November, and Last angel are my favourites. The others? They either sound like songs you get from [a Japanese] karaoke, or the usual anime OP/ED. Not forgetting, some of the songs are not ‘songs’. They are what we call as interlude – that is a piece [in Love songs’ case, three pieces] of music inserted between longer performances of music, i.e. melodies without vocals.

Well, at least the songs are okay, and the cover art looks pretty enough.

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