Wednesday, 9 March 2011

What the Hell?!

Avril Lavigne, the Canadian Rock Princess is back with her newest album:

Goodbye Lullaby

Doesn’t sound like her, does it? Wait until you hear the songs in it. You can’t miss those cursed words… Haha. So, how does this fare with her previous album, The Best Damn Thing?

For me, I will still stick with The Best Damn Thing, because it is the best damn thing. I like her rock style more, and TBDT is loaded with that. As for Goodbye Lullaby, she clearly toned down her rock flamboyance. The songs in this album are:

1. Black Star

2. What the Hell

3. Push

4. Wish You Were Here

5. Smile

6. Stop Standing There

7. I Love You

8. Everybody Hurts

9. Not Enough

10. 4 Real

11. Darlin

12. Remember When

13. Goodbye

14. Alice

In the beginning, the songs are somewhat rock, but in the middle, they started to get… syrupy? Haha… I mean of course she did performed ballad, but in this album, it is a lot too many than the real thing she’s supposed to sing: ear-exploding rock sound!

Not to say that this album’s bad; it’s great, but I miss her old sound!

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Ibrahim Ismail said...

Avril was my fav artiste in Secondary School. We just loved her!

Afiq said...

She was great [and still is] at that time. I like her attitude~! Haha]