Sunday, 27 March 2011

Earth Hour 2011 | 60+ and IPGK Gaya

My 2011 Earth Hour lantern
Darkness is a good condition for light trails
Glow sticks...!

For the first time ever, IPG Kampus Gaya [or rather the Kolej-kolej Kediaman (residential colleges) of IPGK Gaya] celebrated Earth Hour 2011. Everyone from Kolej Jati, Meranti Gaya, and Selangan Kaca gathered together in the parking lot accompanied by the darkness [no stars were available that night… bummer].

To support Beyond the Hour Campaign by WWF, our IPG shut down its light [with the help from SESB, the Sabahan equivalent of Tenaga Nasional in Peninsular Malaysia] for more than two hours, from 8-10.30pm something. We were only lighted by our candles [it bugged me. We want to stop pollution, but isn’t candle light is also a source of the harmful CO? Not CO2, CO! Much more harmful.] that were provided by Ummi and Co., I guess?

We sang Hijau and Save the World [I couldn’t remember the lyrics… Haha], which later became the staple songs of the night. Why? Each class needed to present anything related to Earth Hour, be it singing, sketches, just about anything. So you can imagine how many groups sang both songs because most of them [and my class too] didn’t know about other earth-friendly songs… Haha. I think all classes would do better if they told us that there would be a Gaya-wide Earth Hour celebration at least a WEEK EARLIER. Instead, they did that the night before. So, we scrambled to think about ours…

That night, we did our feat – making a heart from 50 candles, and lit them one by one before ending it by signing ‘Happy Earth Hour to Me’, Kak Limah’s Usop-style. Our yell/cheer ‘Chu chu ei, chu chu ei, ta ta 2x. We love our earth’ meanwhile was a hybrid of a thing that we learnt in UiTM KK, and again, Usop-styled quote. While everyone did their performance quite seriously, we were very much laidback and ‘sempoi’… Haha. We even took photos in the middle of the performance.

The thing that was unexpected by all of us was that we actually… WON! Third place, but it was a great surprise! The best thing was TESLians clearly dominated the night by winning almost everything… Go TESL!

I love seeing everyone together in the dark celebrating our love towards planet earth.

I love TESL!

I love earth!

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Nadirah Jannah said...

like the trails of light! [love]
btw, congrats on winning econd runner-up for best performance!

Nadirah Jannah said...


Afiq said...

Thanks~! Your class won too right? ^^

Nadirah Jannah said...

YUP. But, mistakes oh mistakes. Really hate it. We enjoyed our time though. :D