Wednesday, 8 August 2012

In Retaliation

The situation: people say things that we don’t like, we retaliate.

That’s how humans are made, well, some of us anyway. The best way to defend ourselves and to put an end to the outrage is by saying other spiteful things that are targeted to that person. Then, the same thing occurs all over again... and voila… we shall have a catastrophe, or at least, an overblown hatred.

Some people are just ignorant. I won’t say ‘born ignorant’ since people are made to learn new things, but some of them are too shallow and never spend time to do anything useful that can at least encourage their brains to have better IQs. Thus we have all-grown-up people whose stupidity is even worse than a child.

So, will it be better for us to stoop so low to their level that we find ourselves flaming them with the same attitude? I’ve seen instances when a certain individual stated their erroneous perspective towards a certain thing/people/entity. People who were offended by that statement certainly reacted to that, but to see they did the same practice in retribution was quite sad.

Wouldn’t it be better to educate these individuals rather than having the matching attitude? Saying that we are better than anyone else and then diminishing the importance of other people are just plain wrong.

We have flaws, we have strengths.

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ZeLL~LeaH said...

im guessing ur pointing at the ppl who were angry towards the girl in fb who undermined Sabah through her fb posts...rnt u? ngeeeeeeee

Afiq said...

Haha~ Bull's eye~
Yeah, pretty much. I mean, yeah you're hurt with her comment, but that doesn't mean you should disgrace other people or what. ^^

ZeLL~LeaH said...

i think they are disgracing her only as an individual...not as the group that she represents. But some are disgracing the ppl of 'her group' which is irrational and inappropriate.

Afiq said...

Yeah, that disgracing is irrational and inappropriate. I think the best way is to be calm and think wisely. Not all things can be said.

I hope the girl has learnt her lesson anyway.