Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Inside Outside

We are our own worst critic

Sometimes, we fail not because of outside influences, but because of ourselves. We think our accomplishments are insignificant or useless when compared with the rest of the world. We will never be as good as anyone else: we condemn the paintings we drew, the food we cooked, the prose we wrote, the furniture we created, the examination we encountered, the relationship we have, the work we’ve done.

In short, our life, according to us, is a series of faults.

We’ve broken our hearts and minds by not trusting in our capabilities, intelligence, creativity. To us, they are not on par with the others, but what if anything that we’ve done that we think is as bad as the Friday song, is actually great in the eyes of other people?

We just need the confirmation of other people to know that we’re actually capable and good enough, maybe even better than anyone else. Maybe, just one person that says ‘hey, you are really good’, and then we’ll see ourselves in a new light.

Granted, we will never be satisfied, we think we can do better, but hey, if other people believe is us, why not be happy?

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