Tuesday, 26 February 2013

I'm a Fiver!

Yawper guys!

My holiday is coming to an end, thus, I shall begin my TESL programme’s Part 5! Wheee! Semester 5 is really special since… errr… since I’ve eight courses. Eight courses, six of them with three credit hours. I can see the number of coursework that I will get.

Anyway, the courses are:

EDU520 – Teaching English through Drama
When I was in IPG, we IPG-ians need to perform a theatre, but I don’t think we’ll be doing it for this course. I think, just like the name, we’ll be learning on how to teach English through drama… duhhhh. Haha. It’s gonna be fun, I hope!

EDU540 – Introduction to Research Method
As far as I know… I don’t actually know anything about this. Haha, but somehow it’s related to our [near-]future academic exercise, where we will be researching on... stuff.

TSL547 – Applied Sociolinguistics
I’m also not sure about Sociolinguistics but I know that it involves how the language shapes/affects the society and vice versa. Let’s see how this goes.

TSL591 – Methodology in Teaching Reading
TSL593 – Methodology in Teaching Grammar
These two subjects deal with the way teach the language skills to our students. We will also have microteaching where we’ll teach our fellow classmates [though they’ll be acting as secondary students. haha].

TSL620 – Creative Writing
This is what I’ve been dreaming for! Haha~ Creative Writing! We need to create prose, narratives, poems, and whatever stories we want to. Booyeah!

HKB221 – Literature Appreciation 2
This is the second part of my co-curricular course. We need to create three poems [only in Malay actually], publish an anthology, and perform live during the Cultural Night.

BJP501 – Japanese Language 3
The third and final course for Jap! Huzzah! I can’t wait for this class! My dream: the greatest ever Japanese Language film project! Heheh~

Here’s the timetable for my group, Group B. As you can see, during certain days, there are looooonnnnggg gaps between the two classes, and conversely, during another particular day, there'll be four different subjects. What kind of sorcery is this?!

Whoop whoop! Cheers to Part 5!

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